Name of the book: When the Flame Flickers – Emerging from marital Abuse
Author: Dr. Latha Christie
About the Author : Dr Latha Christie holds a Ph.D and an M.S. degree from Aerospace Engg. IISc, Bangalore and B. E. (Hons) from GCE, Tirunelveli. She is a Scientist in Defense R&D Orgn. (DRDO), Bangalore, for the past 27 years and presently the associate Director. She has also completed M.Div. from SABC, Bangalore,MA from Madras University and is pursuing a Ph.D in Criminology from Madras University. She is a speaker, has a technical book and more than 35 publications in international journals and conferences.

Most victims of abuse feel very alone and confused as a result of the abuse and often feel they have nowhere to turn – they may worry no one will believe them, they may blame themselves for the abuse, and they may fear their abuser will hurt them,  if they reveal the abuse to anyone outside. As a society, we can take steps to help. Each of us has the power to reach out to someone and tell them that abuse is not their fault and safety is possible.